Creating an Auction Event on Bid Buy Get is super easy!




To create an auction you will need to register, and create a user profile.  

-->>>It's a FREE process! Click HERE to register.<<<--

Your user profile allows buyers to correspond and pay you directly.  

Once your registration is complete, follow the "Create Auction" link at the top of the page.  

Be sure to look for helpful hint icon along the way.


Getting Started Creating an Auction Event

  • Title the auction event. (The name you want to use for the auction)

  • Summary of the auction. (A brief description of the items or the school or charity

  • Managed By? (Who is going to administer the auction)

  • Description of the auction. (Describe the auction in detail)

  • Terms and Conditions of the auction. ( Very important, so everyone knows the rules. We provide a generic terms & conditions.)

  • Shipping Info (If you are shipping items,let them know your terms

  • Upload event and banner images (make an eye catching graphic for your auction)

  • Add a buyers premium (Optional. This is an amount buyers pay in addition to final bidding price.)

  • Auto Extend Increment -default is set to 5 minutes (Optional. Allows you to automatically extend auction times if people are bidding)

  • Minimum Bid Increments - You can use the system bidding increments or create your own.

  • Closing Group Increment – The time you want between item lots and when they close (we recommend keeping the times the same)


Preview your auction – IMPORTANT.  This allows you to market your auction event prior to the auction start


Select the dates when you want your auction to start and end. Also, set the start and end times of the auction.  Remember the system is set to Eastern Standard Time.

Now it is time to get your items uploaded.

Getting Started Listing Your Items


  • Choose Category – the best that fits your item

  • Choose Event – the event you created

  • Lot Number – numbered lots allow you to track items better ( the system will automatically create numbered lots if you do not.)

  • Lot Title

  • Lot Description

  • Starting Bid – what amount you want your item to begin bidding.

  • Upload Image (s)

Your auction event will remain a draft in the My Auctions area.  This allows you to make sure you completed all the details before you publish your auction.  Once you publish your auction it now can be viewed by the public so you can market your event.

The final step -- Sell and Collect money!